Caulking / Weatherproofing

We will secure the external cracks of your home or commercial property so that your structure will appear new for a much longer period of time and will keep your home’s interior safe.

Wallpaper Removal

Do you have outdated wallpaper that needs to be removed? If you’ve tried to remove wallpaper, you know how difficult that can be. Let our pros take care of this while you get your free time back.

Pressure Washing

If the exterior of your house has mildew or shows signs of graying, we can clean those surfaces and make them look like new.

Wood Repair

If exterior trim hasn’t been maintained over time, paint can peel and allow moisture to soak into the wood which can lead to wood rot. We can replace these boards and install trim that won’t rot, ever!

Deck Painting / Staining

Florida’s harsh weather can make decks and fencing look worn and aged. The exterior painting professionals at Jackson Holmes Painting will revive your outdoor patio or fence & making it appear brand new.