Jackson Holmes Painting, Inc. (JHP) and Longboat Key Painting & Design, Inc (LBK) were founded in 2001. JHP is our Residential Painting Division and LBK is our Commercial Painting Division. We have built our reputation as a premier painting company in the Bradenton/Sarasota and surrounding Island community area by promising superior service and an end product to back it up – guaranteed!

We provide our customers with yearly maintenance programs on a per project basis, including, but not limited to, touchups, pressure washing, caulking, etc. We like to think of ourselves as the “keepers of the castle”. We endeavor to have an organic relationship with our customers, and encourage you to tell us if we missed something or if there’s anything unique you have in mind that we haven’t listed. Our business is about making it perfect!


“We attribute much of our success to the consistent work ethics of the Holmes family and our satisfied customers.”


The Holmes family has been vested in the Community for many years, beginning with Jack Holmes; Jackson’s grandfather. We have maintained the dedication to giving our best to the people as Jack did by building a 600 acre community after WWII, the first Shopping Center on the Island in 1952, and a Yacht Club in 1954. Holmes was noted for “giving people what they want” and we continue to do so through Jackson Holmes Painting.


Our mission is to continue supporting a healthy environment by offering eco-friendly, low VOC and no VOC paint products to our customers on a regular basis. Lead may be present in the old paint on homes built before 1978, therefore our crews are trained to ensure that all safety procedures are followed when preparing old paint surfaces. We are dedicated to the outward beauty of your home or business as well as the health of its occupants.


Our Vision is to continue being respected and acknowledged as the best in the business! We aspire to continued growth, while contributing to the productivity and esthetics of our community. We envision a future where our company’s longevity is based on satisfied customers, committed painters and living up to the standards of our historical family. Jackson Holmes isn’t just a name it’s a legacy.


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