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What our customers said about us

  • Ryan and Amber Duncan
    Holmes Beach, Florida
    We were so impressed with Jackson and his team.  He was honest and fair and used quality product and we are thrilled with the results. We highly recommend Jackson Holmes Painting for any and all your painting needs. Hands down, best around!
  • The Gerich Family
    Longboat Key, Florida
    Jackson takes extra effort in prepping, uses high quality products for long lasting finishes and is very reliable. To this day, after 10 years, our high gloss finishes are still in excellent condition. We enjoyed working with Jackson throughout our building experience both inside and outside finishes. We highly recommend Jackson for any painting projects.
  • Jeannie and Chuck Slater
    Bradenton, Florida
    We have had the pleasure of knowing Jackson Holmes and Company for over 12 years covering four major paint projects on 3 homes.  Never have we not been totally satisfied with him or any of his staff in terms of quality, trust and dependability.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to refer Jackson to numerous friends and associates who have all been equally satisfied.  As we get older, TRUST is an important aspect of choosing people to work on or in our home. We trust Jackson Holmes to be fair with us and to deliver a quality product.


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